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Seated, 2022

oil pastel on canvas

Seated is inspired by the scripture in the bible "we are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus". The figure in the painting is seated above their environment, the circumstances. Almost as if they were escaping the world around them into a heavenly realm.

Reconstruction, 2022

mixed media

Reconstruction, 2022, mixed media on canvas, 42x58in_edited_edited.jpg
Grandma's Cabinet, 2021, oil pastel on wood, 17x15in, _edited.jpg

Grandma's Cabinet, 2021

Preservation of Power, 2021 

 mix media, fabric, spray painted leafs

This piece acts as a satire exposing the folly of those who hold on to power. I collected leafs that fell in autumn. As a way to cover up the decaying leaves, I spray-painted them gold. Then  formed them into a crown. My point is leafs have seasons just like power. They come and go  just like empires and rulers. It's the same folly of wanting decayed leafs to last longer then their season. People tend to   work harder to hold on to power the longer they have it.




oil pastel on wood

As we emerged out of a bleak winter, springtime came again.  Life came back along with the laughs of children playing in the park. I looked out my window to see spring finally here.  This piece depicts the birth of springtime.

*Displayed for sell May 14-27th. See details on event page. Click Here.


Lost boy, 


oil pastel on 40X30 canvas 

The boy in the painting is my nephew. He was at the top of a open field heading into suburban neighborhood in Lawrence, Kansas. I captured the moment he hesitated, as he looked my direction for approval. In that moment I recognized his hesitation was more than walking into a unknown neighborhood. It was will they accept me in this unknown place.

*Displayed for sell May 7-27th. See details on event page. Click Here.

Daddy Changed the World


oil pastel, on paper with custom frame by artist

This piece is inspired by George Floyd's daughter, Gianna Floyd. After the death of her father I compelled to paint Gianna. I was drawn to the sparkle of joy in her eyes as she proclaimed "Daddy Changed the World" on her father's shoulders. She is now a symbol of hope to the world.

Shamari_Robbs_Queen's Corner.jpg

Queen's Corner,


oil and acrylic on paper

Queen's Corner is attitude of being unbothered. As a black woman I find myself putting up this defense mechanism of being unbothered. In turn it leaves me disconnected and cold to others. It's the notion that I need to be in isolation(in my own corner) because I have to protect my "queendom". This long term leaves a void, a loneliness in the heart.

*Now selling Queen's Corner prints custom framed by artist. See events page for selling location Click here


Flowered Glory,

oil pastels on burlap canvas


This painting gives a feeling of a dream like state to the viewer. The highlights of light kissing the woman's forehead gives the idea of glory coming from above into the woman.

* Sold


Holy Covenant,


graphite, acrylic paint on cardboard , mounted on wooden panel and framed by artist.

This is a commissioned piece. The concept is black love. I created this piece for a married couple. It's expresses  vulnerability of brokenness in a marriage but at the same thing healing and building together.



Oil pastel on paper

Ballerinas are not normally depicted with dark skin and natural hair. I choose to paint this image in hopes a little black girl would see herself in it. That she could be this beautiful ballerina regardless if she dances for huge arenas or on a play ground. She is a beautiful ballerina.

*Framed print coming soon


From Concrete,


Oil and acrylic on paper

The contrasting  textures of soft and hard coming from the same place brings forth the meaning we do not have to look like what we came. She's still at peace in the hard place.

*Now selling From Concrete prints custom framed by artist. See events page for selling location Click here

IMG_4294 - Edited.jpg
IMG_4279 - Edited.jpg

To be Young, Gifted and Black,


acrylic paint on paper

This piece is the innocent of a brilliant black child with big dreams, unaware of the racial boundary ahead. 

Made in America,


oil pastel and acrylic paint on paper

IMG_4276 - Edited.jpg
IMG_4295 - Edited.jpg

Glow up,


oil pastel on paper



chalk pastel on paper

IMG_4271 - Edited.jpg
IMG_4286 - Edited (1).jpg



cardboard, newspaper, acrylic paint, sharpie on paper

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