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Dear Viewer,

  My name is Shamari Robbs. I am a Christian freelance artist in Kansas city and this is my story. I often flirted with the idea of being an artist. Over time, it slowly became a love affair, swinging back and forth, trying to decide when I was going to pick it up again. Now it's a commitment. Til' death do we part purpose. Purpose has a tendency to chase you down and if you never stop running from it, will haunt you. Your'll be haunted by what could have been if you had just yielded. So here I am a self-taught artist showing the gift God gave me because gifts are made to be shared. I'm taking you on the journey of my own exploration which is sometimes uncomfortable.

  My art tends to lean in the direction of community, family and nature. Sometimes bring light to social issues. When it comes to my medium of choice, it may broaden and change overtime. I take a lot of reference pictures from my own community including the Northeast side, Downtown KC, and Independence Avenue. There's so much beauty around me and I hope you see it through my art. The goal is to reflect the heart and soul of my community through my art in hopes that it will awaken the truth people try to ignore or are blind to.We'll see where this leads. Thank you  for joining me on the journey.



    Shamari Robbs








xoxox, til we meet on the canvas again


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